Our story

Ever been outside on a hot summer day and feel the sun beating down on your neck and ears? Yep, me too! One day I was running behind for work, I teach tennis, and I didn’t put on sunscreen. Well, long story short, I was on the court for 8 hours and got burnt really bad on my neck and ears! Not only did they look bright red and eventually begin to peel but I also felt completely drained from the sun penetrating my skin all day.
I really didn’t want to have this happen again. Yes, I should have applied sunscreen and I could wear a floppy sun hat. I do not like the floppy hats, I like my own hat, but I wanted to be able to apply the “floppy” part when I needed it and take it off when I didn’t. The Shandana was born! Being made from UPF 50+ moisture wicking material, it blocks 98% of all harmful sun rays from getting to the neck and ears while also keeping me cooler. (I soak it in cold water and keeps me really cool!) And when I get off the court for lunch or head home for the day, I can put The Shandana around my neck or in my pocket, and continue wearing the hat I’ve been wearing all day! Use The Shandana when I need it and don’t use it when I don’t need it! Perfect!
So I now had this product that I used everyday while teaching and I started to think about how fun it would be to add different designs/logos. So now, The Shandana is completely customizable and serves an amazing purpose for anyone that is out in the sun for any extended period of time! As it works great for me teaching hours of tennis out in the sun all day, it also works great for fishing, biking, trip to the beach, being a spectator at any outdoor event/activity, etc...
With people being more aware of the damage the sun can do to the skin, I have been really happy creating a product that serves a healthy and practical purpose! Even when using The Shandana, it is still smart to wear sunscreen to give as much protection as possible! We hope you enjoy The Shandana as much as we have!
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